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At The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital PICU and NICU

"We know this day was unexpected, we've been there too. We hope some of these items can bring comfort to you and your family."

~The Babygirl Foundation

This initiative was created by us at the Babygirl Foundation in the fall of 2019, in honor of our daughter Addison. The Parents Closet is solely funded by the Babygirl Foundation. At present, the Parents Closets are available to the families of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and in the Pediatric Emergency Department. The Babygirl Foundation strategy is to provide consistent and steady supplies of comforting goods throughout the year. Our hope is that families who have unexpected or unplanned hospitalization will be able to have comforts from home. 

Parents or caregivers will receive a "Parent's Closet Menu" upon admission. The menu will feature various toiletries such as, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, in addition to comforts from home like cozy blankets, phone chargers, journals, sweatpants and t-shirts. Parents will be able to choose items that would help them be more comfortable while supporting their child in the hospital setting.


~"A patient needed to be brought to the PICU via life-flight and mom drove directly to the hospital from work to meet them. She arrived with only her work uniform and no comforts items. Thanks to the Parent's Closet, we were able to provide her with a comfortable change of clothes, blanket and toiletries to help her to feel the best she could and be prepared to support her child at bedside."

~"This amazing resource is so fantastic to have at work! I've had parents so focused on their critically sick child that they left their house without SHOES even on and are now faced with being stuck in the hospital for days. You can see the relief on their faces when I explain what this foundation provides to help. I always say, a parent can't be there to support a sick kid when they aren't taking care of themselves first. Please help us support parents self care.

~"The Parent's Closet to date has supported more that 100 families during their hospital stay."

Pediatric Emergency Department

"It is never any one's or any parent's plan to come to the emergency department, let alone be admitted to the hospital with your child. The Parent's Closet has made that unexpected plan less frustrating and easier to navigate for parents. With the recent introduction of the Parent's Closet in the Emergency Department, we are able to offer families snacks, a comfortable change of clothes and necessary hygiene items. During the recent RSV surge and full inpatient units, families were having to remain overnight in the ED which is less than ideal especially with the limited visitor policy. Families were able to be somewhat comfortable and have basic necessities provided that we previously were unable to offer to them."
~Rachel Crisco-Burkett, MA, CCLS

Certified Child Life Specialist

We want to hear your stories and your experiences with the Parents Closet. Please reach out if you would like to share your story with us!

Parents Closet: Welcome


If you would like to help us keep the Parents Closet stocked please see the link below for easy shopping! 

Parents Closet: List


Facial Cleanser


Body Wash (scent free)

Feminine Pads/Tampons

Razors (disposable)

Brushes/Combs/Hair Ties

Flip Flops

Shampoo (scent free)

Conditioner (scent free)

Lotion (scent free)

Shaving Cream

Contact Lens Cases/Solution

Lounge Pants (mens, womens, all sizes)


Dental Floss

Make-up Remover Wipes


Deodorant (scent free)


T-shirts (all sizes)

Eye Drops

Nail Care Kits

Underwear (mens, womens, all sizes)

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