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A New year, with new potential for doing good things!!

I think it's safe to say that we are all happy to see 2021 in our rear window.

As we are heading into our 3rd year as a foundation we are happy to share a couple new ways we are bringing comfort to families.

The first that we were able to do is add cell phone charges in all the PICU and NICU rooms. I don't know how many times that Dave had to borrow one from a doctor or nurse so he could communicate or occupy his time with a game or app. Sometimes you remember to take these items when you are headed into the hospital, but a lot of the time that is just not the case! The chargers in the closet were very popular early on, however we couldn't seem to keep up with the demand. We switched gears a little bit and decided try a new approach. We opted to get chargers for the PICU and NICU rooms that are secured in place and are part of the room for all the families who come through. As an added bonus, the chargers also can run the sound machines for the rooms as well!

The second is Parent Journals. The foundation is supplying journals and pens for the beautiful, BBCH bags that are given to families with their admission to the PICU. These journals allow for parents to be able to make notes of medical terms or procedures, keep track of important milestones or simply to doodle or write down their thoughts.

We hope that these additions will provide added comfort and support while in the hospital setting.

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