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Taking a moment to reintroduce myself

Hello all, I wanted to a moment reintroduce myself to all our new followers! My name is Tammy and I am the president and founder of the Babygirl Foundation. Along with my husband Dave and our amazing board we have created a wonderful nonprofit organization to honor our daughter Addison!

We started out in the fall of 2019 when we created a resource called the the Parents Closet for the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. The idea behind this was to be able to supply necessities and comfort items for parents and caregivers during an unexpected hospital stay! We stock items from sweatpants to shampoo to journals and everything in between!

Our first closet was set up in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and was a very welcomed resource. We added an additional Closet in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit early 2020, and then most recently in the fall of 2022, we added on in the Pediatric Emergency Department!

The feedback from staff and parents have been positive in the way that they are thankful for having this available to them!

Our goal right now is to be able to provide this resource to the main inpatient pediatric unit, which has more beds and more families coming through!

I remember so many nights with Addison where we had to be admitted to the hospital in the middle of the night, only to have with us items that she needed. There were countless trips where I met Dave in the parking lot to deliver supplies to him so he could stay with Addison and I was home with Owen. Over the many, many years and so many frequent admissions, I began to feel the need to help parents in some way. My goal was that we could help relieve a little bit of their stress and try to make parent's and caregivers feel their best in a difficult situation. By having the resources to take a hot shower, change into some comfy sweats and socks, have a journal to be able to write your feelings down or other pertinent information, maybe just maybe it will help make their stay just a bit more comfortable!!

We are extremely thankful for all the wonderful care we had received for Addison over her almost 11 years of her life! We hope that the Babygirl Foundation can help elevate care for families just a bit more, making the experience more comfortable!

We are lucky to have so many fantastic supporters over these past few years, our organization would not have been able to grow without them!! But like all organizations we need to grow to help expand our reach, please join me on September 23rd from 3-7 at the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust for our 4th Annual Fundraiser as we try to raise more money! It’s a fun afternoon of live music, wood fired pizza, craft beer, wine, a mobile art bus and a fantastic silent auction!! Please visit our website for more information and to order your tickets!! If you can’t make the event but still want to help, please visit our Get Involved page on our website for more ways to support us!!

Thank you!!

Tammy Dube, President

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