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Birthdays and Fundraisers

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

It's July, almost Addison's Birthday, she would have been 12 this year! Which is just crazy, I can't believe we have been parents for 12 years, it seems like a million lifetimes ago, but also seems like just yesterday. I remember July 20th with incredible detail, she certainly could not wait to meet us, always doing things on her own schedule, her own time. It should not be a surprise that she left us on her own time too...

This time last year was hard, we kept busy, we were surrounded by family and friends and tried to enjoy the Maine summer for the first time in a long time. The holidays came and went, and just when I was starting to get my footing back we were hit with a whammy, Covid-19. Which has changed the way we all live. It has given me time to reflect and really be present with my feelings, which is hard. Some feelings I thought I was handling well, now keep rushing back. The isolation part of the Covid-19 pandemic is not an easy thing while we are still coping with our loss.

I should be planning the best 12th Birthday party for you, probably would be something mermaids, with lots of decorations and balloons, because that was always your favorite part. I would be picking out new books and crafts to add to your collection. But this year we are in the middle of a fundraiser for books and craft supplies in honor of The Addison Dube 1st annual Book/Craft Fundraiser, that runs through July 20th, Addison's Birthday. We are really hopeful to be able to provide books and crafts for children at The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital.

If you want to take part of this fundraiser there is still time. You can donate through our Paypal link

"Grief is like glitter. When you try to clean it up you will never get it all. Even long after the event, you will find glitter tucked in the corners. It will always be there...."

-not so mommy

Pictures from Addison's last Birthday, she turned 10!! We miss you every single day Babygirl

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