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"It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger"

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

As we are approaching the 1 year Anniversary of Addison's passing I sit here thinking about how did we get here? One year without our baby girl, still does not seem real to me. It's strange the way we have adjusted our lives, the way we have adapted to a family of 3. It certainly has not been easy or getting easier, we have grown stronger, which I didn't realize we could. I thought going through Addison's life with all the up and downs, smiles and cries, happy and scary times was when our strength was tested the most. It was in a way, we made it through together and we got through the scariest and saddest part together, and we are still going through it.

We have the strength to keep pushing through, even during these challenging times. Babygirl Foundation is still doing what we can to help improve the family's experience during a child's difficult hospital stay. We recently were able to supply enough items to open a second Parent's Closet location in the NICU, which will help so many.

I understand these are challenging times, if you are able please consider a small donation to help us make sure we can carry on with our mission and keep Addison's memory alive.

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