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Virtual Fundraiser

We wanted to do something special to celebrate the Anniversary of Addison passing away. With her birthday in July, we thought this would be perfect. Three of her most favorite things were books/reading, craft and arts, and music. We thought about having an epic dance party but given the circumstances, thought that might be challenging with being socially distant.

Addison Dube 1st Annual Book and Craft Fundraiser!!

June 1st/July 20th 2020

In honor of the 1 year Anniversary of Addison’s passing we are starting our

1st Annual Addison Dube Book and Craft Fundraiser. Our goal is to raise money to be able to purchase books and crafts supplies for the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital Child Life Department. Addison loved everything about books and crafts, her happiest times were being read to, or doing artwork of some kind. Once her brother Owen started to read, he used to sit and read to her, and he loved helping her with her artwork.

Please consider donating in loving memory of Addison Dube who had a deep love of books and making crafts for herself and others. Perhaps you would also like to recognize a person, teacher, therapist etc. who inspired you to read, love books or become an artist!

If you want to give a shout out to who inspired you, please visit our FB page,

Instagram @foundationbabygirl, or simply tag our Foundation.

You can donate through our Paypal link or you can mail us a check, all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you,

Babygirl Foundation

A 501(c)(3) Recognized Charity 68 Dingley Springs Road, Gorham ME. 04038

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